Women’s Awareness – An Effective Tool To Solve Poverty

Think about this! Imagine the world without women, what kind of world it is? The Almighty is so wise that He created both man and woman, but it is a sad reality that women are abused, exploited and are deprived of their rights. At the early age of 16, they are likely a victim of domestic and sexual abuse. Also, research shows that out of 800 million of illiterate people all over the world about two-thirds of them are women. In some countries, during childbirth, girl babies are killed because they consider men babies as more valuable.

Accordingly, depriving women’s right is one cause of extreme poverty in many countries. And one of the ways to lessen poverty is by protecting, educating and nurturing the girls. Providing them equal rights with men in terms of education, economic status, and social rights will also help. According to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, one of the effective tools for development and solving poverty, is empowerment of women.

Let us remember that a family is the basic structure of the country. If families are broken and disorganized, more likely a country will also the same. When women was given education, they will acquire skills on how to raise a family properly. Having the skill and education on how to raise a family will help the development and stability of the country.

Being physically strong, men have the advantages to exploit women. Men can take advantage of women, become oppressive and abusive to women. To solve these things, here are some of the women’s rights.

  • To have an equal education as men.
  • To choose their husband.
  • Not to be forced to perform sexual acts.
  • Not to be killed or not to be physically mutilated.
  • Not to be forced to labor without due compensation.
  • To have freedom in voting.
  • The right to own a property.
  • To enter into a legal contract.
  • To enjoy the same rights as men.
  • To participate in political issues.

Being aware of all of the rights bestowed to women can help solve some of the issues like exploitation, abuse, degradation, and oppression. Having the same right as men, women can practice those rights and contribute to their country’s stability, development and growth.