Gender Equality- Why is it Very Important

Real gender equality is not just all about policies; it is all about improvement and quality of life!

All of us, both man and woman have the right to live with dignity and enjoy every bestowed right. Gender equality is a precondition for reducing poverty and a tool for advancing a country’s progress or development. An empowered woman can always do a better job at home or in the workplace. They can contribute to entire family and community’s productivity that will certainly contribute to the improvement of the next generations.

Nowadays, almost all countries recognize that equal rights between man and woman are very important. It is a general principle being embraced and now widely accepted by most of the countries worldwide. However, women have still fewer opportunities compared to men. In order the address the gender issues it is necessary to create a friendly and open atmosphere.

So, why is it really important that men and women must enjoy the same right?

According to studies and researches, promoting gender equality makes a good business sense.

Here are some of the empirical results identified.

  • It improves labor force and results to increased productivity.
  • It aids in better communication between the management and the workers.
  • Poverty is reduced because both wife and husband participate generating income.
  • Lessens discrimination, abuses and exploitation against women.
  • Families are strengthened and children of the next generation are raised properly.
  • Equality helps both men and women become morally and socially responsible.

Not only men will benefit from gender equality but also their entire family and ultimately the whole country. Gender equality is not a new issue; instead it is a long-time battle of acceptance. Not every culture accepts it, but with the evident importance of gender equality, it will eventually come to total acceptance.